Technology Articles, Discussions and Updates in March 2023


  • Some GPL violations were found in the wild, make sure you check the licenses of third party packages (best to automate the check).
  • Docker the tool has been a massive benefit to software development unfortunately Docker the company appears to be dying. podman is probably the goto container on the desktop in the future. [link]


  • AAD misconfiguration led to results manipulation, account takeover [link]


  • A Deep Dive Into the Node js Event Loop - Tyler Hawkins [youtube]
  • Parsing Emojis in Javascript [link]


  • shares insight into their reliability problems [link]
  • How Facatrio was ported to Nintendo switch with its deterministic architecture and 2,417 tests [link]
  • How Discord supercharges network disks for extreme low latency [link]
  • Doordash switching from Redis to CockroachDB [link]