Technology Articles, Discussions and Updates in February 2023

A collection of everything interesting on the web around technology.



  • PocketBase is an open source Go backend that allows you to quickly setup database, authentication and API. [github]


  • Office365-REST-Python-Client is a Library to work with Microsoft 365, upload files to Sharepoint or access Office 365 Emails. [github]
  • Comparing Dataclass with attrs and pydantic [youtube] (attrs has validation)


  • Attacker gained access SMS Phishing to Activision [twitter]

Honorable Mentions

  • yt-dlp which allows you to download and backup your youtube videos [github]


  • Uberduck allows to create spken text with custom voice, very fun [link]
  • How Squarespace RFC approval process works [link]
  • Earl Nightingale - The SECRET Is Your ATTITUDE [youtube]
  • Calculate how much streaming would cost on AWS [link]